Building, interior shop design

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology authorization
We learn building, interior shop design
Building department
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Interior department
Building interior engineering departmentBuilding interior design departmentQuotient space design departmentInterior engineering department
Building design graduate course
Building design graduate course

Experience-based entrance to school (open campus)

Day time 13:30-17:00 venue Building No. 1
5/11 soil 5/25 soil Saturday, June 1
By night experience-based entrance to school
9/3 6/18 fire fire Wednesday, September 25
High school, university, junior college, members of society
Telephone application
Daytime application formNight application form
Night school examination is actually OK in the daytime, too.
We want to assume experience-based entrance to school capacity system, and I would like reservation.
Please reserve only for individual consultation of the experience-based day (consultation time from 10:00 to 11:00)
Protector can participate with those who wish to enroll, too.

We finished version new brochure in 2020

New brochure
We started version (for April, 2020 entrance to school) distribution on Monday, March 18 in new brochure 2020.
We take at hand by all means at this opportunity, and please see. Apply for document request from this.

Aoyama drafting Building No. 1 is published in JTB "Tokyo full version 2020"

Aoyama drafting technical school Building No. 1 JTB Tokyo full version 2020 publication
Building No. 1 is under construction toward April 1 reopening.
"We nail eyes to novel design, and JTB Tokyo guidebook "Tokyo full version 2020" surrounds surprised building!" We were published in this.

We usually introduce BIM education into class in ARCHICAD

■We introduce BIM CAD education of Aoyama drafting on GRAPHISOFT homepage of building CAD software.
Inquiry about student job offer from this. Employment bureau 03-3780-1551

[specialized practice education training payment system] We support career up in this

Entrance to school consultation <Building No. 3>

Entrance to school conference class visit
From Monday to Friday
Entrance examination, school expenses, class visit
※I would like reservation. 0120-46-1080

Venue guidance

Building interior venue guidance

Consultation, new brochure application for entrance examination or school expenses come to booth of Aoyama drafting.

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News of "foreign student Network of April"

It is Wednesday, April 17, 2019 12:50 start. Question of venue Building No. 1 5F 501 classroom foreign student Network...

current students

News of "Japan Student Services Organization scholarship briefing session"

Friday, April 12, 2019 venue Building No. 1 501 classroom 13:00 - full-time department construction department 2.3 years ...


News of "2019 entrance ceremony"

It is open-style 10:30 ... end 11:30 plan at Wednesday, April 10, 2019 entrance ceremony set 10:00. Meeting...


Our school Building No. 1 is published in JTB "Tokyo full version 2020"

Of Tokyo guidebook "Tokyo full version 2020" of JTB "eyes are nail zukebi in novel design, too...


It is version new brochure completion for 2,020 years!

It is version (for April, 2020 entrance to school), Monday, March 18 distribution start for new brochure 2,020 years....